Plant This Instead! (Autographed)


Better Plant Choices – prettier, hardier, blooms longer, new colors, less work, drought tolerant, and native

Paperback – Feb 1, 2014
Personally autographed by Troy

Plant This Instead! tips you off to nearly 100 plants offering clear-cut, side-by-side comparisons of these superior plant choices to the more common or, for any number of reasons—less desirable—varieties. Featuring native and non-invasive plants, hardy alternatives to less sturdy species, new introductions, repeat bloomers, and other helpful varieties, this book is rooted in honest assessments and practical advice. Incorporating original photography and identifying regionally appropriate selections, demonstrating which climates are friendly to which plants and ensuring that no matter your location, you will be able to capitalize on my more than 30 years of professional gardening experience in one compact volume.